Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for India

This Privacy Policy explains the data that Aditi Advertising (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Company”) gathers from you when you download, access, or utilize its Website or Mobile Application (“Sites”) to provide information, products, services, and content through any mobile or internet-connected device or other means (referred to as the “Services”).

It is important to read this Privacy Policy along with the Terms of Use that apply to the Aditi Advertising Services you are using.

When you give us information on a third-party site or platform, such as through our website or social media login, that information is collected through those sites linked with ours and is governed by our privacy policy. The information collected by the third-party site is subject to their own privacy practices. Any privacy choices you have made on the third-party site will not affect how we use the information we collect directly on our sites. Please be aware that our sites may have links to other sites not under our control, and we are not responsible for their privacy practices. We recommend reading the privacy policies of these other sites as they may gather your personal information.

Any capitalized terms not defined here will have the same meaning as in the Terms of Use.

User Consent

When you interact with Aditi Advertising Services (such as signing up for an account or contacting us through our websites, apps, or social media), you are giving your consent for us to collect, use, and share your personal information according to this policy.

Using VPN to connect to Site and Aditi Advertising Services

 It is not allowed to use any methods or technologies that hide your true location or provide false information about your location when accessing or using the Site or Aditi Advertising Services, such as using a VPN or proxy server.

If you use any method to hide your true location while accessing the Site or Aditi Advertising Services, we will not be held responsible for any handling, storing, or analyzing of your personal information or data.

Usage of our Mobile Applications

This policy also covers our mobile apps. It is important to always have the latest version of the apps. If you continue to use old versions or access services that are no longer available, we may not be held responsible for any harm caused by the collection, storage, and processing of your personal data through the outdated app.

Gathering and utilizing personal details

 Information you provide to Us

Data gathered during registration

When signing up, we request basic personal details from you so we can keep in touch with you and maintain our service to you. The information we might gather includes, but is not limited to, the following:-

  • First/Last Name
  • Sex,
  • Age,
  • City, State, Address,
  • E-mail id
  • Contact number/Mobile No.

If you choose to share information with Us on your own accord, whether through emails, letters, or through others reporting your actions on the Site, We may gather and save that information.

Additional information such as your name, email address, phone number, and location may be gathered from you during various interactions, such as providing feedback, changing content or email preferences, participating in surveys, leaving comments, or communicating with us.

Data that is gathered automatically as you browse or navigate through the website.


The Website utilizes cookies and similar technologies that are essential for its operation and to deliver UPTN Services. Certain cookies are vital for us to offer you the UPTN services.

In order to enhance the efficiency of our Sites for Users, we might utilize “cookies” or similar digital tools to gather Information that will assign a unique, random number to each visitor as a User Identification (User ID). This enables us to better understand the individual interests of Users who are using the specific computer or device. We cannot identify you unless you voluntarily provide your information, such as through registration. The data that a cookie can contain is limited to the information you provide and it cannot access any data from your device or hard drive. Additionally, our advertisers might place their own cookies on your browser if you engage with their ads, a process over which we have no authority. Whenever you interact with us through the Site or Service using any of your devices, we collect and store certain types of Information.

Log File Information

When you visit our site, application, or service, we may gather some limited information from your computer or device automatically.

  • IP address
  • Location/IP address
  • Device serial number/ID
  • SMS for OTP
  • In App permissions for capturing location, storage, network connection and Wi-Fi connection
  • Android Advertiser ID/ iDFA ID
  • pages you view
  • your computer/device’s name,
  • your operating system,
  • browser type and version,
  • CPU speed,
  • Connection speed.
  • SSO ID
  • Reviews and comments provided by you
  • Your preferences while using the Sites
  • Your activities and browsing patterns on the Site
  • Articles and Topics, you have read, followed, shared and saved
  • People you follow and people following you
  • Response to a survey,
  • any communications with us

Clear GIFs

We utilize “clear GIFs” (Web Beacons) to monitor how our Users interact with our online platforms anonymously, without identifying the User personally. These GIFs are also used in HTML emails to see which emails are being opened by recipients. This data helps us deliver web pages when requested, customize our Sites or Service to user interests, analyze site traffic to enhance quality and functionality, as well as provide advertisers with general location information of our Users without revealing personal information. We may also gather inferred information about you based on your activities on Aditi Advertising Services to conduct internal research on demographics, devices, interests, and behavior of our users for better understanding, serving, and protecting them.

We might gather your data to monitor user activities and preferences for internal analysis and research purposes. Additionally, we might utilize your information for:

  • To assess your interest in different types of content, services, and offers;
  • Analyzing data and researching customers to understand their preferences, identifying popular content that drives sales, and studying traffic patterns for analysis purposes.

If you decide to share messages on social media platforms, chat rooms, or other online forums, we will gather the information you share with us. We may keep this data to help with resolving issues, offering customer assistance, addressing problems, and meeting legal requirements as required by law.

This information can also be collected by storing cookies on Our Sites by Our partners for the purposes specified earlier.

Data gathered from external sources

Information gathered from various sources

Information about you may be obtained from various online sources and added to our account system in line with our policy. If you share information with a platform provider or our service partner, your account details may be shared with us. We may also obtain updated contact details from third parties to maintain accurate records and provide services, or to communicate with you or share information with third parties.

Information obtained from Third party Sites

  • When you link your Aditi Advertising Services account with a third-party service, they may share your registered email address and public profile information with us.:
  • Facebook collects users’ email addresses and public profile information, such as name, age, gender, and profile picture.
  • Google –Email id, language preference and age.
  • LinkedIn – Email id, public information which may include name, profile picture, current position etc.

Demographic and other information

We may use demographic and other data from various sources to send you more personalized communications and promotions. Third-party analytics service providers help us track user behavior on our website to better understand our users’ demographics and interests. These reports are anonymous and do not contain any personally identifiable information you may have provided to us.

Reasons for gathering, handling, and revealing your personal information

We utilize data to offer, evaluate, manage, improve, and customize our service and marketing activities, as well as to handle your registration, provide you with services, and communicate with you on specific topics. This may include using information in various ways such as:


  • We aim to offer and manage our services for you By facilitating registration and account maintenance on Aditi Advertising Service
  • Delivering content tailored to your location
  • Examine and grasp our target audience, enhance our services (including user interface experiences), recommendation algorithms, and delivery by potentially exchanging personal data with our group companies, affiliates, or third-party service providers.
  • In order to assist advertisers in comprehending our audience and validating the effectiveness of advertising on our site, we typically provide aggregated statistics on traffic to different pages on our site. This helps in delivering relevant ads to our audience.
  •  We offer personalized content such as articles, news, and stories on our site based on your interests.
  •  You can engage in webcasts and webinars hosted on the site.
  • Receive push notifications through your browser.
  • We will keep in touch with you through various means like email to provide updates on Aditi Advertising Services, new features and content, promotions, and surveys. We will also help you with operational tasks like resetting passwords.
  • Inform you of any updates to the terms of service or privacy policy
  • Enable you to engage in interactive functions provided by Our Services
  • Collaborating with our customer support team to address any questions or issues you may have regarding your entitlements or the services offered to you.

Information Use by the Company

Your provided information helps us enhance our services and offer you a better user experience. Sometimes we may need your contact details for specific services. The information required varies depending on the service, and we use it to maintain, protect, improve, and develop new services.

Your email address and other personal information may be used to send promotional messages about our services or updates on third-party products and services. You may choose to subscribe or unsubscribe. Additionally, your email may be utilized for non-marketing purposes like notifying you of significant changes, for customer service, billing, etc.

Any information that can identify you will not be treated as sensitive if it is freely available or accessible in the public domain, such as comments, messages, blogs, or posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Any content shared by users in the public areas of the website is considered public and does not fall under the personally identifiable information protected by the Privacy Policy. If you choose not to share personally identifiable information on the website, certain services may not be available to you. We will try to inform you of this when you create an account. However, we are not responsible if you are denied certain services due to not providing the necessary personal information.
When you sign up for the Application or Services, we may reach out to you periodically to ask for updated personal information in order to offer you features that we think you may find useful or appealing.

The act of sharing information with legal entities and business partners.

Aditi Advertising may disclose your information to third parties in specific cases without first seeking your consent.

  • If there is a request from law enforcement, court, or government agency to disclose information for the purpose of verifying identity, preventing cyber incidents, or investigating and prosecuting offenses, such disclosures will be made in good faith. It is believed that such disclosure is necessary to enforce the terms and comply with the law.
  • TTMNPL may disclose this information to its affiliated companies and their employees for the purpose of handling personal data on its behalf. It is ensured that these recipients agree to handle the information in accordance with our instructions, this Privacy Policy, and other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

Disclosure to Third parties

Service Providers

The Application may contain links to other websites or apps, such as payment gateways for subscription fees. The privacy policies of these sites or applications are not under our control. Once you leave our servers, your information is subject to the privacy policy of the website or app you are visiting, which may be different from ours. If you cannot find the privacy policy on these sites, you should contact the site owners directly for clarification.

When we share data with our advertisers to demonstrate the appeal of advertising on our websites, we typically provide them with overall statistics on site traffic to different pages and content. Third-party advertising firms are utilized to display ads while you browse our sites. They may utilize non-personal information gathered during your visits to our sites and others to tailor ads for products and services that may interest you. Rest assured, we do not disclose any personally identifiable information to third-party advertisers or ad-servers without obtaining your permission.

Third Party Surveys, Promotional Activities conducted on Site

Our Site may host surveys and promotional activities carried out by third-party vendors. If you choose to participate, your personal details like name, email, phone number, IP address, etc., may be collected by the vendor. Please be aware that this information could be shared between us and the vendors for analyzing the survey responses and promotional outcomes.


On our Sites, there are links to third party websites, applications, and ad servers. These third-party sites have their own privacy policies that govern the collection of your information, including personally identifiable information. We have no control over these policies, and they may be different from ours.

You can choose to share your activity information from websites with third-party social media platforms in order to populate your public social wall visible to others.


How long do we store and use your Information

We will only keep the information we gather for as long as needed, based on individual circumstances. Typically, we will hold onto the information as long as you have an account with us and continue to use our services. If you stop using our services or request us to do so, we will delete your information promptly. However, we may keep certain information for legal reasons.

When you use our Services or Sites, we strive to provide you with access to your personal information upon request and will correct any inaccuracies if possible, unless required to keep the information by law or for legitimate business reasons. Requests for accessing, correcting, or removing personal information may need verification and we may refuse requests that are excessively repetitive, technically challenging, invasive of others’ privacy, or impractical. We offer these services at no cost, unless it involves a significant effort. Even after you delete your information, it may take some time before it is completely removed from our systems due to technical reasons or legal requirements.

Data Erasure

We keep your personal data as needed to offer you services or until you request us to delete your information. If you no longer wish for us to use your data, you can ask for its deletion and closure of your Aditi Advertising Services account promptly, depending on your account activity and following relevant laws.

We may keep some of your personal data for our legitimate business purposes, such as detecting and preventing fraud and improving safety. For instance, if we deactivate your Aditi Advertising Services account due to fraud or safety concerns, we may hold onto specific information from that account to prevent the user from creating a new account later on.

We will store and utilize your personal information as needed to fulfill our legal responsibilities. This could include retaining some of your information for purposes such as tax compliance, legal reporting, and auditing requirements.

Any information you have posted on Aditi Advertising Services, such as reviews or forum comments, may remain visible even if you delete your account. Your name will be removed from this information. Some data, such as log records, may still exist in our database but will no longer be linked to your personal details.

As a precaution against data loss, we keep backup copies of personal information, which may not be immediately deleted from our active servers and can still be found in our backup systems for a while.

To delete your information, you can contact our appointed Grievance Officers by sending a written request or email with an electronic signature. The Terms of Use contain a list of the specific officers assigned for this purpose.

If you have multiple accounts with Us, please make sure to submit separate requests for each account, including the relevant email IDs or phone numbers. Additionally, we may store and utilize your personal information as required by law.


Aditi Advertising Service is not meant for individuals under the age of 18. The service does not allow anyone under 18 to register or share personal information. If Aditi Advertising discovers that any personal information of individuals under 18 has been collected without parental consent, it will promptly remove that information.

It is the duty of parents to supervise their children’s use of our services. We do not collect personal information from minors under 18 or send promotional materials to them. Aditi Advertising does not wish to receive personal information from children and if a parent suspects their child has shared personal information with us, they can contact our Grievance Officer to have it removed.


We have put in place security measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of data. These measures include regular internal reviews and the use of encryption and physical security measures to protect personal data stored in our controlled database. The database is securely stored on cloud servers behind a firewall, with access restricted through password protection. While we strive to maintain effective security, no system is completely immune to breaches. If you suspect unauthorized access or compromise of your account credentials, please contact us immediately.


Our privacy policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in technology, laws, or other factors. We have the right to modify the terms of the policy, and any changes will be immediately effective once posted on the website. It is recommended that you regularly check the policy on the website to stay informed of any updates. Your continued use of the site after changes are made signifies your acceptance of the revised policy.

For any Grievances, Please contact via mail

Please kindly provide the following information in your complaint/grievance:

  1.  Identification of the information provided by you;
  2.  A clear indication of whether the data is personal information or sensitive personal information must be provided.
  3.  Your contact information (address, phone number, email);
  4.  A declaration that you believe the information was mishandled or shared without consent in good faith.
  5.  It is essential to confirm, under the threat of perjury, that the details provided in the notice are correct, and that the content being objected to is your own.
  6. If you have any inquiries or feedback regarding the Policy, feel free to reach out to us using the contact details provided.

The company may contact you to verify or discuss specific information related to your complaint and concerns.

The Company will not be held liable for any communication sent to someone who is not the intended recipient.